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Coronavirus update No.2

Hi everybody,

I'm very aware that since the initial post to inform athletes/parents that training is cancelled until further notice that I haven't been in touch.

Things obviously have accelerated beyond what we initially imagined, and as a club that has a lot of parents/guardians working in key areas, we, as the committee would like to send our thoughts to you in these difficult times. We are all in absolute admiration of you all, everybody is equally essential, from the binmen and postmen to the checkout operators to the doctors and nurses who are having to cope with the challenges this virus is bringing on a daily basis.

We are asking you to keep yourselves safe, stick to the government guidelines on social distancing and to look out for other people within our community who may be on their own, frail or just struggling to cope with a situation that hopefully none of us will have to experience again.

Let's ride this out and come out of the other side and when it is at all possible training will resume and we can put our energy into that.

For now, stay safe and we can win through.

Barrow & Furness Striders Committee.

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