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Coronavirus update No. 3

Hi everybody,

Firstly, apologies for not updating this more often, but as there hasn't been any change in circumstances until now there has been nothing to report on. The situation for weeks has been us waiting on instruction from Furness Academy, which we now have. Please see the screenshot (Below) of their response to Paul Burns attached. Simply, we will not be allowed to use the track and facilities until at least October half-term, and maybe not even then. When things do start up again, the club will get priority as a long-term booking to block book the facilities again.

As far as St Bernards' goes for the winter training, this is looking highly unlikely also at the present time and the committee are looking at running training sessions elsewhere until the time when we can go back to the school hall. Obviously, priority is the childrens' safety, what with dark nights soon to be upon us again, so we are throwing a few ideas about. Suggestions from parents/guardians will be gladly accepted.

I realise that a few of you have cancelled your direct debits already, but if possible can we ask that you keep them running as it will be far easier to reimburse parents rather than go through the cancellation/reinstatement of these.

June Middleton, in her role as membership secretary, has paid up EA subs so everybody is still eligible to race, whenever that may be.

I wish it was better news, but we have no other option than to stick to both the government and the academy's guidelines.

I will post on both here and the Striders FB page when we hear something to the contrary.

So for now, the committee sends their best wishes and please await an update from us.

The Committee.

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