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Coronavirus Update No. 4

Hi again everybody,

A further coronavirus update which brings both bad and good news. Please refer to the attached email from St Bernards' informing us that we are unlikely to be able to use their facilities for the foreseeable future which is a disappointment but not a surprise.

Now for the good news:

Paul Burns has done a great job in securing a temporary new venue for us. Commencing this Thursday (10th) at 18:00 we are being allowed to use some of the facilities at Hawcoat Park Sports Club. This will be on a Thursday only, but we are grateful for their kind offer. We will still be looking at a suitable location for the Monday night.

Can we ask that any junior athlete wishing to come brings a parent/guardian who can stay for an hour as the first session will be do's and don'ts whilst on site, going through what we have put in place to conform with government guidelines and outlining the type of training we will be able to offer there. After that we are hoping to get the athletes out for a run, so can they come suitably attired please. Could athletes and parents please meet outside the front of the clubhouse (Socially distanced please, as we don't want to land the sports club in trouble). If anybody has any questions please drop us an email to

It will be great to see you all again after such a long time!

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