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Training time change

Hi everybody,

Well we are two sessions back into trying to resume as near as normal training as possible. From a coaches perspective, we think it's going as good as we can expect given the fact that due to Covid we've been left homeless temporarily. We welcome feedback from parents at all times though.

This notice is to inform all athletes/parents/guardians that, from next Thursday (24th), we propose to move the training time to 17:30 due to the onset of darker nights and the fact that the fields we use at the back of Hawcoat park aren't floodlit.

I hope this doesn't cause too much inconvenience but in the interest of safety and having any training at all we feel that we need to do this.

On a final note, we've had to tell the athletes on more than one occasion to keep their social distancing. We are splitting the athletes into groups of five per coach and expect the athletes to remain in these groups at all times. Last night we had to tell the children to stop mixing with other groups a few times. It is imperative that we stick to the rules as we don't know who is watching us carry out our sessions, both from the sports club and anyone else who might see us all mixing together. We understand that the athletes may not have seen each other for months but we are very grateful to be able to use Hawcoat Park's facilities and we would not be able to carry on the club sessions without them. Could I ask all parents/guardians to instill in their children the importance of keeping in the groups, both for personal safety and to enable us to carry on training.

Thank you,

The coaching team.

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